Junnosuke Yoshiyuki

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Junnosuke Yoshiyuki

Junnosuke Yoshiyuki 吉行淳之介

Junnosuke Yoshiyuki  (1924–1994)  wrote fiction while working as an editor for a magazine publisher, receiving the Akutagawa Prize for Shu-u (Sudden Shower) in 1954. Winning this award inspired him to become a full-time professional writer. He established his position as a literary novelist with Suna no ue no shokubutsugun (Vegetation on the Sand) despite encountering criticism for writing erotic novels about prostitutes and loose women, i.e. novels that, according to the critics, "lacked awareness of social problems." Yoshiyuki went on to publish a large number of works, including Yugure made (tr. Toward Dusk), winning a great many literary prizes. Apart from his novels, Yoshiyuki also wrote witty and refined essays and regularly conducted interviews for weekly magazines.

Books by Junnosuke Yoshiyuki
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    Toward Dusk

    This series of linked stories tells of the relationship between Sasa, a married man in his 40s, and Sugiko, a young, single woman. Despite the sexual nature of their relationship, Sugiko refuses to have penetrative sex with Sasa and she remains a virgin. …