Jun'ichi Watanabe

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Jun'ichi Watanabe

Jun'ichi Watanabe 渡辺淳一

Jun'ichi Watanabe  (1933–2014)  , born in Hokkaido, became interested in literature in high school. At Sapporo Medical University he began experimenting with writing, composing several pieces for a literary magazine. After graduating he became an orthopedic surgeon, but in 1969 he resigned this post and moved to Tokyo to pursue a career as a writer. His oeuvre includes biographical and medicine-related works as well as fiction like the hugely popular Shitsurakuen (A Lost Paradise), an erotic tale that deals with a love affair. Many of Watanabe's books have been made into films.

Books by Jun'ichi Watanabe
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    Beyond the Blossoming Fields

    This is a biographical novel about Ginko Ogino, Japan's first female doctor. Ogino was born to a wealthy farming family in 1851, a time when Japanese society was still severely male-dominated. She married into an equally wealthy family but got divorc …