Naoya Shiga

Naoya Shiga 志賀直哉

Naoya Shiga  (1883–1971)  studied English literature at the University of Tokyo, later switching to Japanese literature but eventually dropping out before graduation. In 1910 he and a group of fellow writers, including Saneatsu Mushanokoji, came together to found Shirakaba (White Birch), the flagship journal of the Shirakaba school, a noted early 20th-century literary movement characterized by the espousal of humanistic ideals. Although Shiga is most commonly identified with this movement, his works also reveal strong traces of naturalism. Known as "the master of the short story" for his brilliant short fiction, Shiga wrote in a spare style that was widely regarded as a model of perfection and became a source of inspiration for countless later writers, Ryunosuke Akutagawa among them.

Books by Naoya Shiga
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    A Dark Night's Passing

    A Dark Night's Passing is one of the great classics of modern Japanese literature. Kensaku Tokito is the product of an illicit union between his mother and paternal grandfather. Raised by this grandfather after his mother's death, he grows to have se …