Meisei Goto

Meisei Goto 後藤明生

Meisei Goto  (1932–1999)  was born in North Korea, but while in middle school he fled with his family to Kyushu, Japan. He studied Russian literature at Waseda University, devoting himself to reading Gogol. After graduation, while working at an advertising agency and later at a publishing house, he began writing. From 1968 until his death in 1999 he worked professionally as a writer. He received the 1977 Hirabayashi Taiko Prize for Yume katari (Dreams Speak) and the 1981 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize for Yoshino-dayu (The Courtesan Yoshino).

Books by Meisei Goto
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    Shot by Both Sides

    This stream-of-consciousness novel about a man seeking evidence of his own existence through recollection has been praised by critics in Japan for its unique style. One evening, while standing on a bridge waiting for a friend, the narrator looks at his o …