Mitsugu Saotome

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Mitsugu Saotome

Mitsugu Saotome 早乙女貢

Mitsugu Saotome  (1926–2008)  was born in Harbin, China. He won the Naoki Prize for his 1968 novel Kyojin no ori (The Cage of the Traveler). From an early age he published period fiction and historical tales in peer-published journals, building a name in the process. As he built a body of work in the period-fiction field, he came to focus on Japan's Warring States period (1467?1603) and the transition from the pre-modern Edo period (1603?1867) to the modern Meiji era (1868?1912). Saotome has a special affection for the northern region of Aizu, where his grandfather was from, and has set novels like Okei and Aizu shikon (The Warrior Spirit of Aizu) in this region.

Books by Mitsugu Saotome
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    Okei paints a moving description of the hardships faced by the first emigrants from Japan's Aizu region to the United States. As Japan made its transformation from the medieval period to the modern age, the forces of the old Tokugawa order battled the su …