Bunroku Shishi

Bunroku Shishi 獅子文六

Bunroku Shishi  (1893–1969)  was a playwright and founding member of the Bungakuza Theater, but finding theater a poor source of income he began writing humorous fiction to support himself. His writing gained popularity from serializations in several daily newspapers, women's magazines, and youth journals. A universally accessible storyteller and a recorder of life under the stress of war and its aftermath, Shishi wrote in a style that is linguistically rich, true-to-life, and charged with refined humor and insight. He became a member of the Academy of Arts in 1963, and in 1969 was awarded the Order of Culture. His novel Jiyu gakko (tr. School of Freedom) was twice adapted for film.

Books by Bunroku Shishi
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    School of Freedom

    Freedom is a great thing, but it comes at a cost: this contemporary theme is explored in this novel set in 1950s Tokyo. The story unfolds among the lives of ordinary people, from the former aristocrat to the humble hobo, in the period between defeat under …