Kido Okamoto

Kido Okamoto 岡本綺堂

Kido Okamoto  (1872–1939)   began writing short stories and kabuki plays in his early twenties while serving as a newspaper drama critic. In 1908 he achieved overnight acclaim with Shuzenji monogatari (The Tale of Shuzenji), a kabuki play about the 13th-century shogun Minamoto Yoriie. Over the next ten years, Okamoto produced over 70 plays. In 1916 he began serialization of Hanshichi torimonocho (tr. The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi), for which he is best remembered today. Okamoto wrote 196 plays, 30 serialized novels, 100 feature articles, and 68 stories in the Inspector Hanshichi series, as well as numerous translations, essays, and scholarly writings. He became the first playwright named to the Imperial Arts Academy.

Books by Kido Okamoto
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    The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi

    It is the mid-1800s in Edo, the precursor of Tokyo. There is peace-under the Shogun the samurai are not waging battle-but nowhere in the city is calm compiete. Petty jealousies and simple greed simmer beneath the surface, as does the urge for vengeanc …