Teru Miyamoto

Teru Miyamoto 宮本輝

Teru Miyamoto  (1947–)  , a fiction writer and essayist, is among Japan's most widely read living authors. His early works earned him a number of prestigious literary awards: Doro no kawa (Muddy River) won the Dazai Osamu Prize, and Hotarugawa (River of Fireflies) the coveted Akutagawa Prize. Both of these books were cinematized, the former receiving the Silver Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1981. Several of his later works also won awards and were made into films. Many of Miyamoto's books have been translated into English, French, Korean, Chinese, and Russian.

Books by Teru Miyamoto
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    Autumn Brocade

    The story unfolds gradually through an exchange of letters between Aki and Yasuaki, a former married couple who, ten years after their divorce, meet by chance at a mountain resort. The events leading to their separation, as well as their respective s …