Fumiko Kometani

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Fumiko Kometani

Fumiko Kometani 米谷ふみ子

Fumiko Kometani  (1930–)   moved to the United States in 1960 to pursue a career as an artist, settling permanently there when she wed the American author and playwright Josh Greenfield. Forced by her second son's severe mental disability to give up her painting career, she turned instead to writing as a means of expression, making her literary debut in 1985 with the novel Enrai no kyaku (Visitor from Afar). She is also known for her passionate support of the antiwar and antinuclear movements. Major awards she has won include the 1985 Bungakukai Prize for New Writers, for Enrai no kyaku; the 1986 Akutagawa Prize, for Sugikoshi no matsuri (Passover); and the 1998 Women's Literature Prize, for Famiri bijinesu (tr. Wasabi for Breakfast).

Books by Fumiko Kometani
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    Wasabi for Breakfast

    This book contains two separate first-person novels of medium length: Famiri bijinesu (tr. Wasabi for Breakfast), set in Japan, and Sen ippon no hibashira (A Thousand and One Pillars of Flame), set in the United States. Both use humor to portray the …