Fumiko Hayashi

Fumiko Hayashi 林芙美子

Fumiko Hayashi  (1903–1951)  was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the illegitimate daughter of an itinerant peddler, and experienced abject poverty as a child. After finishing school she moved to Tokyo to write, but barely managed to support herself there and struggled in a series of unhappy relationships. This unconventional early life influenced her works, especially Horoki (tr. Vagabond's Diary, 1930), her first semi-autobiographical novel. After establishing her popularity with Horoki, she continued to write about the sufferings caused by war and poverty, and the misery of rootless women.

Books by Fumiko Hayashi
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    Floating Clouds

    Yukiko Koda, a young typist, and Kengo Tomioka, a technical officer, had fallen in love with each other in Japanese-occupied Indochina during the war. However, when Tomioka comes into Yukiko's life again in postwar Japan, he is a completely changed man. Y …