Hiroshi Saitō

Hiroshi Saitō 斉藤洋

Hiroshi Saitō (1952–)  lives in Tokyo, where he is a scholar of German literature teaching at Asia University as well as a writer of children’s stories. He got his start as a children’s author when he won the Kodansha Award for New Writers of Children’s Literature in 1986 for Rudorufu to ippaiattena (Rudolph and Lotsathings). In 1991 he received the Robō-no-Ishi Young Readers Award for this and other works. He has gained a following for humor-filled stories that feature animal characters. His many other titles include Bāsudē doggu (Birthday Dog), the Burakkaburokko-tō-dayori (News from Braccabrocco Island) series, the Nanja Hinatamaru (Apprentice Ninja Hinatamaru) series, and the Pengin tankentai (Penguin Explorers) series.

Books by Hiroshi Saitō
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    Birthday Dog

    The doorbell rings when the narrator, a boy, is not expecting anyone, and he opens the door to find a large golden dog on his doorstep. “I’ll come in, if you don’t mind,” says a voice that seems to be the dog’s. “I’m your birthday present. …