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  • Haruo Hoshikawa

    Haruo Hoshikawa 星川治雄

    Haruo Hoshikawa (1947–) was born in Tokyo, where he operates a photo studio and creates picture books jointly with his wife Hiroko. Their co-productions include Shota to natto (Shota and the Magical Beans), … Details

  • Masakatsu Ikeda

    Masakatsu Ikeda 池田匡克

    Masakatsu Ikeda (1967–) is a Japanese photographer who was born in Tokyo. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in English and American literature, he worked as an editor for a … Details

  • Mitsuhiko Imamori

    Mitsuhiko Imamori 今森光彦

    Mitsuhiko Imamori (1954–) is a native of Shiga Prefecture and a self-taught professional photographer. Starting in his birthplace near Lake Biwa, he began work as a freelance photographer in 1980, taking as his … Details

  • Yasuhiro Ito

    Yasuhiro Ito 伊藤泰寛

    Yasuhiro Ito was born in Niigata. As a professional photographer, he specializes in softly illumined photos of mothers with their babies. He has produced a number of photographic picture books with his wife, author Emiko … Details

  • Kotaro Kojima

    Kotaro Kojima 小島曠太郎

    Kotaro Kojima (1952–) was born in Tokyo and lives in Okinawa. Since 1985 he has devoted himself to the study of traditional whaling culture on the island of Lembata in eastern Indonesia, describing … Details

  • Toru Mogi

    Toru Mogi 茂木徹

    Toru Mogi  (1949–) was born in Miyagi prefecture. In 1982 he apprenticed himself to Tadao Tominari, the noted plant photographer and oil painter. In addition to Fuyume gasshodan (Chorus of Winter Buds), which was awarded … Details

  • Tadashi Okakura

    Tadashi Okakura 岡倉禎志

    Tadashi Okakura (1963–) graduated from Nihon University and currently works as a photographer, primarily for magazines. His publications include Wasure-enu ichidai no kuruma EUROPE3 (Unforgettable Motorcar: Europe 3), Shashin to zumen de tanoshimu tetsudo … Details

  • Tadao Tominari

    Tadao Tominari 富成忠夫

    Tadao Tominari  (1919–1992) was a noted photographer of plants who mentored numerous younger nature photographers. He contributed extensively to the Nogusa handobukku (Wildflower Handbook) series. In 1990, his photo picture book Fuyume gasshodan (Chorus of … Details

  • Hiromi Tsuchida

    Hiromi Tsuchida 土田ヒロミ

    Hiromi Tsuchida (1939–) was born in Fukui Prefecture. His photographic work addresses the transformations undergone by Japan in series about Hiroshima, the economic boom and bubble eras, and local festivals and customs. His award-winning books … Details

  • Yukihito Masuura

    Yukihito Masuura 増浦行仁

    Yukihito Masuura (1963–) was born in Osaka. He moved to France in 1981 and became an assistant to the legendary Vogue Paris photographer Guy Bourdin in 1983. In 1987 he exhibited at the annual Salon … Details