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  • Kachiku Kansensho Gakkai (The Society for the Study of Infectious Diseases in Farm Animals)

    Kachiku Kansensho Gakkai (The Society for the Study of Infectious Diseases in Farm Animals) inaugurated its activities with an academic conference and symposium held in 2006. The objective of the organization is to foster discussions … Details

  • Yoshinobu Kadoi

    Yoshinobu Kadoi 門井慶喜

    Yoshinobu Kadoi (1971–) was born in Gunma Prefecture. He made his literary debut in 2003 by winning the All Yomimono Mystery Prize for New Writers with the short story Kiddonappāzu (Kidnappers). His first … Details

  • Eiko Kadono

    Eiko Kadono 角野栄子

    Eiko Kadono (1935–) was born in Tokyo. She moved to Brazil for two years when she was 25, and wrote her maiden work, Ruijinnyo shōnen, Burajiru o tazunete (Brazil and My Friend Luizinho), a nonfictional … Details

  • Otohiko Kaga

    Otohiko Kaga 加賀乙彦

    Otohiko Kaga  (1929–) studied psychiatry and criminology at the University of Tokyo Medical School. He worked in a hospital and then in a prison before going to study in France in 1957. After returning … Details

  • Gentaro Kagawa

    Gentaro Kagawa 香川元太郎

    Gentaro Kagawa (1959–) was born in Ehime Prefecture. As an illustrator, he has produced a large number of hidden-picture and maze books, and he also works as an illustrator for history textbooks, references, … Details

  • Hiroshi Kaihara

    Hiroshi Kaihara  (1947–2005) was an artist who worked broadly in design, illustration, stage art, and book and magazine production. He was involved in the creation of more than 700 books during his lifetime, many … Details

  • Motojiro Kajii

    Motojiro Kajii 梶井基次郎

    Motojiro Kajii  (1901–1932) suffered from pleurisy when young, despite which he began to indulge in what he termed a "decadent life" from around age 20. While enrolled in the department of English literature at the … Details

  • Tadashi Kajiyama

    Tadashi Kajiyama (1959–) was born in Nagasaki Prefecture and currently resides in Kyoto. After visiting the Himalayas in 1984, he traveled to various parts of India for an extended period, and upon returning … Details

  • Kumiko Kakehashi

    Kumiko Kakehashi 梯久美子

    Kumiko Kakehashi (1961–) was born in Kumamoto Prefecture and graduated from Hokkaido University with a degree in Japanese literature. She worked as an editor before striking out on her own as a writer in 2001, … Details

  • Kōzō Kakimoto

    Kōzō Kakimoto 柿本幸造

    Kōzō Kakimoto (1915–1998) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. A children’s book illustrator, he received the Shogakukan Children’s Publication Culture Arts Award in 1959. Among the titles he illustrated are Jamu jamu Donkuma-san (Mr. … Details

  • Ryosuke Kakine

    Ryosuke Kakine 垣根涼介

    Ryosuke Kakine  (1966–) put in stints at two different business firms and a travel agency after college while working on a novel set in Vietnam titled Gozen sanji no rusuta (Dawning Day, Dawning Life). … Details

  • Miu Kakiya

    Miu Kakiya 垣谷美雨

    Miu Kakiya (1959-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. She worked as a systems engineer for a software company before winning the Shōsetsu Suiri New Writers Prize for her mid-length Tatsumaki gāru (Tornado Girl) in 2005. … Details

  • Satoshi Kako

    Satoshi Kako 加古里子

    Satoshi Kako (1926–) was born in Fukui Prefecture. He majored in applied chemistry at the University of Tokyo, where he also participated in theater. After graduating in 1948, he worked as a researcher … Details

  • Mitsuyo Kakuta

    Mitsuyo Kakuta 角田光代

    Mitsuyo Kakuta  (1967–) set her sights on becoming a writer from an early age. Her debut novel—Kōfuku na yūgi (A Blissful Pastime), written while she was a university student—received the Kaien Prize for New … Details

  • Yumiko Kamada

    Yumiko Kamada 鎌田由美子

    Yumiko Kamada (1979-) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She is currently an associate professor in the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. Her field of specialization is art history, with a focus on the art … Details

  • Masahiro Kamada

    Masahiro Kamada 鎌田政博

    Masahiro Kamada graduated from Okayama University Medical School in 1981 with a doctorate in medicine. Following a stint in 1998 as a clinical fellow at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne in Australia, he became Director of … Details

  • Ayumi Kamata

    Ayumi Kamata 鎌田歩

    Ayumi Kamata  (1969–) is a picture-book author and illustrator. Born in Tokyo, she spent her youth in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. Many of her books are about trains and other modes of transport, among them … Details

  • Minoru Kamata

    Minoru Kamata 鎌田實

    Minoru Kamata (1948–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Faculty of Medicine. He joined the staff of Suwa Central Hospital in Nagano Prefecture in 1974, and … Details

  • Taiho Kambe

    Taiho Kambe 神戸大朋

    Taiho Kambe (1971–) holds a PhD in agricultural science and is an associate professor at the Graduate School of Biostudies at Kyoto University, where he specializes in agricultural chemistry and applied biochemistry and … Details

  • Manabu Kaminaga

    Manabu Kaminaga  (1974–) was born in Yamanashi Prefecture. After graduating from the Japan Academy of Moving Images (now the Japan Institute of the Moving Image), he began writing fiction on the side while working … Details