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  • Yutaka Sado

    Yutaka Sado 佐渡裕

    Yutaka Sado (1961–) was born in Kyoto Prefecture. He graduated from the Faculty of Music at Kyoto University of the Arts, and subsequently studied under the late Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa. He has served … Details

  • Kazumi Saeki

    Kazumi Saeki 佐伯一麦

    Kazumi Saeki  (1959–) is from Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. He worked various jobs out of high school, including as a magazine reporter and an electrician, before his … Details

  • Mitsuharu Sagawa

    Mitsuharu Sagawa 佐川光晴

    Mitsuharu Sagawa  (1965–) worked at a publishing company for a year after graduating from university, but it was his next job at a meat-processing plant that provided him with the material for his first … Details

  • Azami Saidō

    Azami Saidō 彩藤アザミ

    Azami Saidō (1989–) became a fan of mysteries while in middle school, and began writing mysteries of her own in college. Her works are mainly in the puzzler vein, placing her among the … Details

  • Tahi Saihate

    Tahi Saihate 最果タヒ

    Tahi Saihate (1986–) was born in Kōbe. She belongs to a new generation of writers who became denizens of the Internet while in middle school. In 2004 she began writing a blog and … Details

  • Hazuki Saishō

    Hazuki Saishō 最相葉月

    Hazuki Saishō (1963–) was born in Kobe and educated at a local college. She worked in editorial positions at an ad agency, publisher, and PR magazine before going independent as a freelance editor … Details

  • Hiroshi Saitō

    Hiroshi Saitō (1952–) lives in Tokyo, where he is a scholar of German literature teaching at Asia University as well as a writer of children’s stories. He got his start as a children’s … Details

  • Masashi Saito

    Masashi Saito 齋藤真嗣

    Masashi Saito, M.D.  (1972–) is licensed in Japan, the United States, and Europe as a specialist in anti-aging. His Manhattan-based medical clinic is frequently visited by sports professionals and CEOs of major corporations. He often … Details

  • Ryusuke Saito

    Ryusuke Saito 斎藤隆介

    Ryusuke Saito (1917–1985) was born in Tokyo, and graduated from Meiji University. He began his career as a reporter for regional newspapers in Hokkaido and then Akita. He adopted the pen name Ryusuke … Details

  • Yahachi Saito

    Yahachi Saito 齋藤弥八

    Yahachi Saito (1953–) was born in Aichi Prefecture, and holds a doctorate in engineering. He is currently a professor in the Graduate School of Engineering of Nagoya University, where he is engaged in … Details

  • Emi Saitō

    Emi Saitō 斉藤 栄美

    Emi Saitō (1962–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College. She made her debut as a children’s author when her manuscript for Yonen ichikumi Ishikawa ikka: Sekigae hantai! … Details

  • Katsuhiro Saitō

    Katsuhiro Saitō 齋藤勝裕

    Katsuhiro Saitō  (1945–) is professor emeritus at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. He also teaches at Nagoya City University and Aichi Gakuin University. His fields of expertise include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, photochemistry, and … Details

  • Osamu Saitō

    Osamu Saitō 齊藤修

    Osamu Saitō (1959–) is a professor in the Department of Animal Bioscience, Faculty of Bioscience, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology. He specializes in cellular neurobiology and biochemistry. His activities include biological research and analysis … Details

  • Takao Saito

    Takao Saito 斎藤隆夫

    Takao Saito (1952–) was born in Saitama Prefecture and graduated from the Taiheiyo Art School. Picture-book titles he has illustrated include Kaeru no Heike monogatari (The Frogs and the Cat), Zuiton-san (Zuiton: A … Details

  • Hiroyuki Saitō

    Hiroyuki Saitō 斎藤博之

    Hiroyuki Saitō (1919–1987) was born in Manchuria and graduated from the Imperial Art School (forerunner to Tama Art University). He was a painter and a picture-book author. He received the Kodansha Award for … Details

  • Kyōhei Sakaguchi

    Kyōhei Sakaguchi 坂口恭平

    Kyōhei Sakaguchi (1978–) was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. Setting his sights on becoming an architect, he applied to the architectural program at Waseda University in order to study under professor and architect Osamu … Details

  • Komako Sakai

    Komako Sakai 酒井駒子

    Komako Sakai (1966–) is a native of Hyōgo Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, she worked for a time as a designer of kimono and other traditional textiles before becoming … Details

  • Komako Sakai

    Komako Sakai 酒井駒子

    Komako Sakai (1966–) is a native of Hyōgo Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, she worked for a time as a designer of kimono and other traditional textiles before becoming … Details

  • Takashi Sakajo

    Takashi Sakajo 坂上貴之

    Takashi Sakajo (1971–) , PhD, is a specialist in applied mathematics and a professor in the Graduate School of Science at Kyoto University. In 2000 he received honorable mention for the Takebe Katahiro Prize … Details

  • Tsukasa Sakaki

    Tsukasa Sakaki (1969–) was born in Tokyo. Except for revealing the year and place of his/her birth, the author chooses to remain incognito. Sakaki’s literary debut came in 2002 with Aozora no tamago … Details