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  • Gō Ōsaka

    Gō Ōsaka 逢坂剛

    Gō Ōsaka (1943–) , son of the well-known painter and illustrator Kazuya Naka, avers that he first began writing detective stories and hardboiled fiction when he was in middle school. After graduating from college, … Details

  • Makoto Ōishi

    Makoto Ōishi おおいしまこと

    Makoto Ōishi (1925–1990) was an author of books for young children. His Mienakunatta Kuro (Kuro Is Lost) won the Shogakukan Prize for Literature in 1963, and Nemurenai ko (The Child Who Couldn’t Sleep) … Details

  • Michio Ōishi

    Michio Ōishi 大石道夫

    Michio Ōishi (1935–) completed his doctoral work in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His distinguished career has included stints as professor at the New York University School of … Details

  • Shinya Ouchi

    Shinya Ouchi 大内伸哉

    Shinya Ouchi (1963–) is a professor in the Graduate School of Law and Faculty of Law, Kobe University. He earned his PhD in Law at the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law … Details

  • Kenzaburō Ōe

    Kenzaburō Ōe 大江健三郎

    Kenzaburō Ōe (1935–) was born in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, in a small village tucked in a forested valley, where he was in the fifth grade when World War II … Details

  • Shohei Ooka

    Shohei Ooka 大岡昇平

    Shohei Ooka  (1909–1988) was born in Tokyo and studied French literature at Kyoto University. He became an avid follower of Stendhal upon encountering his works after graduation. Drafted in 1944, Ooka was stationed in … Details

  • Michiko Ohkura

    Michiko Ohkura 大倉典子

    Michiko Ohkura (1953–), EngD, was born in Osaka. She completed a master’s degree in the Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics in the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1978, … Details

  • Yoshio Ohsaki

    Yoshio Ohsaki 大崎善生

    Yoshio Ohsaki  (1957–)  is a native of Sapporo, Hokkaido. After moving to Tokyo for college, he developed a deep interest in the game of shogi, or Japanese chess, and in his mid-twenties went to work … Details

  • Kozue Ōsaki

    Kozue Ōsaki 大崎梢

    Kozue Ōsaki made her literary debut in 2006 with Haitatsu akazukin: Seifūdō Shoten jiken memo (Red Riding Hood Delivery: The Seifūdō Bookstore Case Files), a collection of linked stories featuring as the detective a female … Details

  • Arimasa Ōsawa

    Arimasa Ōsawa 大沢在昌

    Arimasa Ōsawa (1956–) is one of Japan’s leading writers of hard-boiled crime fiction. A voracious reader of mysteries and fiction by Raymond Chandler and others from the time he was in grade school, … Details

  • Masumi Ōshima

    Masumi Ōshima 大島真寿美

    Masumi Ōshima (1962–) loved reading from the time she was a small child, and with her sights already set on becoming a novelist, began writing fiction while still in middle school. During college … Details

  • Reiko Osoko

    Reiko Osoko 大社玲子

    Reiko Osoko (1946–) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in English and American literature. She began working as an illustrator while still in school, and … Details

  • Kōichi Ōta

    Kōichi Ōta 太田浩一

    Kōichi Ōta (1944–) graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1967 with a degree in physics, and completed his PhD in physics at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science in 1972. … Details

  • Naoko Otani

    Naoko Otani 大谷猶子

    Naoko Otani (1973–) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. Her family owned a barbershop, and she chose to follow in her parents' footsteps. She worked for four years at a barbershop in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, … Details

  • Motoichi Ōtsu

    Motoichi Ōtsu 大津元一

    Motoichi Ōtsu (1950–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, and completed his doctoral work at the Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1978. Currently he is a professor in the School … Details

  • Atsuko Otsuka

    Atsuko Otsuka 大塚敦子

    Atsuko Otsuka (1960–) , a photographer, began taking news photographs in 1986 after graduating from university. She traveled to sites of international conflict, photographing the New People's Army in the Philippines, the Palestinian Intifada, … Details

  • Atsuko Otsuka

    Atsuko Otsuka 大塚篤子

    Atsuko Otsuka (1942–) was born in Nagoya and graduated from Showa Women's University. She received the JAWC New Talent Award and the Japan Juvenile Writers Association New Writer Prize in 1990 for Umibe … Details

  • Yuzo Otsuka

    Yuzo Otsuka 大塚勇三

    Yuzo Otsuka (1921–) was born in northeastern China, and graduated from the Tokyo Imperial University (now University of Tokyo) Faculty of Law. He worked at a major publishing house from 1957 until 1966, … Details

  • Akane Otsuki

    Akane Otsuki 大槻あかね

    Akane Otsuki (1973–) was born in Yokohama, and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a degree in painting. Upon graduation in 1997, she created the cover art for the monthly Kokoku hihyo (Advertising … Details

  • Yasuo Ohtomo

    Yasuo Ohtomo おおともやすお

    Yasuo Ohtomo (or Ōtomo; 1946–) was inspired by his own son to begin creating picture books. He trains a sympathetic eye on little children and their activities, depicting them in his trademark gentle style with … Details