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  • Hitoshi Koieyama

    Hitoshi Koieyama 小家山仁

    Hitoshi Koieyama is the director of Reptile Clinic, where he provides medical care exclusively for reptiles. Born in Tokyo, he graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (today's College … Details

  • Mariko Koike

    Mariko Koike 小池真理子

    Mariko Koike (1952–) graduated from the Department of Literature at Tokyo’s Seikei University, then worked as an editor at a publishing firm before quitting to become a freelance writer. In 1978 her essay … Details

  • Ryūnosuke Koike

    Ryūnosuke Koike 小池龍之介

    Ryūnosuke Koike (1978–) is a Japanese Buddhist monk who is actively involved in practices that extend beyond traditional Buddhist activities, such as holding meditation classes and running his own website, "Iede Cafe." Koike … Details

  • Shinpachi Koishi

    Shinpachi Koishi 小石新八

    Shinpachi Koishi (1937–) graduated from Musashino Art School. He is now emeritus professor at Musashino Art University following a career as professor in the Performing Arts Department (the current Department of Scenography, Display, … Details

  • Hideaki Koizumi

    Hideaki Koizumi 小泉英明

    Hideaki Koizumi (1946–) is a Fellow of Hitachi, Ltd. In 2003 he gave a lecture on “Mind, Brain and Education” at the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican … Details

  • Toshitaka Koui

    Toshitaka Koui 幸井俊高

    Toshitaka Koui graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo before completing degrees at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the George Washington University School of Business. He was certified … Details

  • Eitaro Kohno

    Eitaro Kohno 河野英太郎

    Eitaro Kohno  (1973–) is a GBS Competency Development Manager and Managing Director of Global Business Service at IBM Japan. Within three years of entering IBM Japan he became a leader in personnel reform within … Details

  • Yuri Kono

    Yuri Kono 河野有理

    Yuri Kono (1979–) received his PhD in 2008 from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Law and Politics with a specialization in the history of Japanese political thought, and is currently an … Details

  • Yutaka Kōno

    Yutaka Kōno 河野裕

    Yutaka Kōno (1984–) was born in Tokushima Prefecture. He belongs to Group SNE, a game company, and designs games in addition to writing novels. His publishing debut came in 2009, with the light … Details

  • Susumu Koya

    Susumu Koya こうやすすむ

    Susumu Koya produces stories for picture books with a science theme. Besides Donguri kaigi (The Story of Acorns and Animals), the stories he has written include Mikan (Mandarin Oranges), Daizu, edamame, mame moyashi (Soy Beans, … Details

  • Yoshiko Kōyama

    Yoshiko Kōyama 香山美子

    Yoshiko Kōyama (1928–) was born in Tokyo. An author of children’s stories, poems, and picture books, she received the JAWC Award in 1963 for Ariko no ki (Ariko’s Story). Some of her best … Details

  • Eiji Kokai

    Eiji Kokai 小海 永二

    Eiji Kokai (1931–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the University of Tokyo. A poet, translator, critic, and Japanese language educator, he has taught at the middle and high school levels as … Details

  • Sachi Kokaze

    Sachi Kokaze 小風さち

    Sachi Kokaze (1955–) is a native of Tokyo and graduated from Shirayuri College. For a ten-year period beginning in 1997, she made her home in England. In 1994 she received the Noma Prize for … Details

  • Tamio Koshino

    Tamio Koshino 越野民雄

    Tamio Koshino was born in Tokyo and graduated from Keio University. He works as a copywriter for an advertising agency, producing television and newspaper ads, while maintaining his own writing career on the side. He … Details

  • Nobuo Kojima

    Nobuo Kojima 小島信夫

    Nobuo Kojima (1915–2006) was born in Gifu Prefecture and started writing for private magazines while still in high school. He began teaching middle-school English after graduating from the University of Tokyo in English … Details

  • Keitaneylove Kojima

    Keitaneylove Kojima 小島ケイタニーラブ

    Keitaneylove Kojima (1980–) is a musician. Since making his debut as frontman for the band Anima in 2009, he has also been active with the musical unit Towai, and engages in collaborations with … Details

  • Kotaro Kojima

    Kotaro Kojima 小島曠太郎

    Kotaro Kojima (1952–) was born in Tokyo and lives in Okinawa. Since 1985 he has devoted himself to the study of traditional whaling culture on the island of Lembata in eastern Indonesia, describing … Details

  • Shiho Kotera

    Shiho Kotera こてらしほ

    Shiho Kotera (1991–) was born in Toyama Prefecture. In 2013 she joined Q-LiA, where she has been engaged in designing stationery and fancy goods. In 2014, the doodle of a “panda bus” she drew in … Details

  • Rui Kodemari

    Rui Kodemari 小手鞠るい

    Rui Kodemari (1956–) was born in Okayama Prefecture. In 2005 she received the Shimase Award for Love Stories for Hoshii no wa, anata dake (You’re the Only One I Want). Since then she … Details

  • Michiyo Kotō

    Michiyo Kotō 古藤倫代

    Michiyo Kotō works as an illustrator for advertising, magazines, books, and websites. She is affiliated with “cue’s,” a graphic design and illustration unit offering high-quality illustrations that are “simple and fun, cool and cute.” … Details