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  • Jin Fukazawa

    Jin Fukazawa 深沢仁

    Jin Fukazawa made his literary debut in 2011 by winning the Konorano Award Excellence Prize for R.I.P.: Tenshi wa kagami to dangan o idaku (Rest in Pieces: Angel with Mirror and Bullet). Other titles include … Details

  • Kōji Fukada

    Kōji Fukada 深田晃司

    Kōji Fukada (1980–) is a Japanese filmmaker who was born in Tokyo. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Literature at Taishō University as well as of The Film School of Tokyo. … Details

  • Nowaki Fukamidori

    Nowaki Fukamidori 深緑野分

    Nowaki Fukamidori (1983–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. She grew up in a family that loved books and movies, and got hooked on reading at a young age herself through the stories of Roald Dahl. … Details

  • Keisuke Fukaya

    Keisuke Fukaya 深谷圭助

    Keisuke Fukaya (1965–) , EdD, is associate professor of contemporary education at Chubu University. He previously served as principal of Ritsumeikan Primary School. He developed the “dictionary bookmarking” method of study, in which children … Details

  • Harutoshi Fukui

    Harutoshi Fukui 福井晴敏

    Harutoshi Fukui  (1968–) has been more strongly influenced by manga and Hollywood than by literature, and his entry into the arena of fiction came by way of ideas for movie scripts. Having dropped out … Details

  • Masahiro Fukui

    Masahiro Fukui 福井政弘

    Masahiro Fukui (1969–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Musashino Art University. He established the Fukui Design Office in 2010, and also currently teaches in the distance learning program of Musashino Art … Details

  • Yumiko Fukuzawa

    Yumiko Fukuzawa ふくざわゆみこ

    Yumiko Fukuzawa was born in Tokyo, and works as both a picture-book creator and manga author. Her picture books include the Ookina Kuma-san to chiisana Yamane-kun (Big Bear and Little Dormouse) series, as well as Mimi-chan … Details

  • Tetsuzo Fukuzawa

    Tetsuzo Fukuzawa 福澤徹三

    Tetsuzo Fukuzawa (1962–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. He made his publishing debut with the horror story collection Genjitsu (Sun Dog; retitled Saisei botan [Play Button] for the compact paperback edition) in 2000. … Details

  • Junko Fukuda

    Junko Fukuda ふくだじゅんこ

    Junko Fukuda (1961–) was born in Gifu Prefecture and graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design with a degree in design. She worked as a graphic designer prior to … Details

  • Iwao Fukuda

    Iwao Fukuda ふくだいわお

    Iwao Fukuda (1950–) was born in Okayama Prefecture. He is a picture book author and children’s book illustrator who has garnered many fans for his simple but warmhearted artwork. He won the Japan … Details

  • Takehiko Fukunaga

    Takehiko Fukunaga 福永武彦

    Takehiko Fukunaga  (1918–1979) was a novelist and poet. In college he was fond of Mallarmé, Rimbaud, and Lautréamont, and was especially influenced by Baudelaire. With Shin'ichiro Nakamura, Shuichi Kato, and other writers of his … Details

  • Yosuke Fukunaga

    Yosuke Fukunaga 福長洋介

    Yosuke Fukunaga (1963–) , MD, completed his medical degree at the Osaka City University School of Medicine. He held positions in gastrointestinal surgery at Osaka City General Hospital, general surgery at Osaka City Juso … Details

  • Machiko Fuji

    Machiko Fuji was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. She made her debut as a children’s author in 1985 with Majoko donna ko fushigi na ko (Who Is Magical Majoko?), a … Details

  • Tamotsu Fujii

    Tamotsu Fujii 藤井保

    Tamotsu Fujii (1949–) is a professional photographer. He established Tamotsu Fujii Photography in 1976. He has won numerous awards for his work, including a Mainichi Design Award, an Asahi Advertising Award, the Tokyo … Details

  • Taiyō Fujii

    Taiyō Fujii 藤井太洋

    Taiyō Fujii (1971–) was born on the island of Amami Ōshima in Kagoshima Prefecture. After stints as a stage designer, DTP producer, and graphic director, he was working for a software developer in 2012 when … Details

  • Hisako Fujii

    Hisako Fujii 藤井久子

    Hisako Fujii (1978–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work at Meiji Gakuin University. She works as an editor and writer. A lover of nature since childhood, … Details

  • Shūhei Fujisawa

    Shūhei Fujisawa 藤沢周平

    Shūhei Fujisawa (1927-97) grew up in Yamagata Prefecture. He was an avid reader of magazines and fiction of every kind from the time he was in elementary school, and began writing his own stories when … Details

  • Koichi Fujishiro

    Koichi Fujishiro 藤代幸一

    Koichi Fujishiro (1932–) was born in Tokyo and is a specialist in German Literature. He is currently professor emeritus at Tokyo Metropolitan University. … Details

  • Yoshinaga Fujita

    Yoshinaga Fujita 藤田宜永

    Yoshinaga Fujita  (1950–) left university before graduating and lived with a French woman he met in Tokyo, a relationship that took him to Paris in 1973. There he found work with Air France while … Details

  • Issho Fujita

    Issho Fujita 藤田一照

    Issho Fujita (1954–) withdrew from the PhD program in psychology at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education to enter the Soto Zen monastery Antaiji. In 1987 he became the resident teacher … Details