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  • Ippei Mogami

    Ippei Mogami 最上一平

    Ippei Mogami (1957–) was born in Yamagata Prefecture. He won the JAWC New Talent Award in 1985 for Gin no usagi (The Silver Rabbit), and both the JAWC Award and Niimi Nankichi Children’s … Details

  • Daisuke Mogi

    Daisuke Mogi 茂木大輔

    Daisuke Mogi (1959–) was born in Tokyo. He graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music with a degree in oboe performance before going abroad to study in the graduate program at Munich Music … Details

  • Toru Mogi

    Toru Mogi 茂木徹

    Toru Mogi  (1949–) was born in Miyagi prefecture. In 1982 he apprenticed himself to Tadao Tominari, the noted plant photographer and oil painter. In addition to Fuyume gasshodan (Chorus of Winter Buds), which was awarded … Details

  • Toshitaka Mochizuki

    Toshitaka Mochizuki (1960–) was born in Shizuoka, and graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University in 1982. In 1987 he completed his doctoral coursework in the Graduate School of Letters at Kyoto … Details

  • Izumi Motoshita

    Izumi Motoshita もとしたいずみ

    Izumi Motoshita is a children's author, translator, and poet. She received the Sankei Children's Book Nippon TV Award in 2004 for her picture book Dobutsu yubin (Animal Mail; drawings by Hiroshi Abe), and both a … Details

  • Sadamasa Motonaga

    Sadamasa Motonaga 元永定正

    Sadamasa Motonaga (1922–2011) was a native of Mie Prefecture. During his lifetime he gained international recognition in modern art circles, and was known not only for his abstract paintings but also for large-scale … Details

  • Seiichi Motohashi

    Seiichi Motohashi 本橋成一

    Seiichi Motohashi (1940–) was born in Tokyo. A photographer and film director, he has chronicled the lives of those who work in fishing communities, a slaughterhouse, circuses, and theater troupes, and has documented life in … Details

  • Yukiko Motoya

    Yukiko Motoya 本谷有希子

    Yukiko Motoya  (1979–) belonged to the drama club in high school and left her home in Ishikawa Prefecture to attend drama college in Tokyo. She started writing plays and fiction at the age of … Details

  • Norio Mob

    Norio Mob モブノリオ

    Norio Mob  (1970–) hails from the city of Nara. He began writing after graduating from university, while working as an academic tutor and helping out with his family's business. He has admitted to pretending … Details

  • Eto Mori

    Eto Mori 森絵都

    Eto Mori  (1968–) is a Tokyo native. Rizumu (Rhythm), her debut work, won the Kodansha Award for New Writers of Children's Literature in 1990. Numerous prizewinning works of juvenile fiction followed, including Uchu no … Details

  • Ken Mori

    Ken Mori 森健

    Ken Mori  (1968–) is a journalist from Tokyo. After graduating from the Waseda University School of Law, he began contributing biographical features and business articles to magazines including Bungeishunju and Weekly Bunshun. He is … Details

  • Takashi Mori

    Takashi Mori 森貴史

    Takashi Mori (1970–) earned an MA in 18th-century German literature from Waseda University in 1997, and a PhD from the Humboldt University of Berlin in 2011. He is currently a professor in the … Details

  • Hikaru Mori

    Hikaru Mori (1957–) completed his studies in the Chuo University Graduate School and is now an associate professor in the Chuo University Faculty of Law. He specializes in comparative legal history and Roman … Details

  • Hiroshi Mori

    Hiroshi Mori 森博嗣

    Hiroshi Mori (1957–) was born in Aichi Prefecture. He made his literary debut in 1996 when he was awarded the first Mephisto Award for Subete ga F ni naru (The Perfect Insider). He … Details

  • Tatsuya Mori

    Tatsuya Mori 森達也

    Tatsuya Mori (1956–) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. Both a film director and an author, he has established himself as an opinion leader known for his acid tongue. He went through several jobs … Details

  • Asako Mori

    Asako Mori 森あさ子

    Asako Mori (1975–) was born in Tokyo. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design in 1997. After working as an art designer for video productions, she established herself as an independent illustrator in … Details

  • Ryuji Morita

    Ryuji Morita 盛田隆二

    Ryuji Morita (1954–) was born in Tokyo. Formerly a magazine editor, he made his debut as a writer in 1990 with Sutorito chirudoren (Street Children), which was a finalist for the Noma Prize … Details

  • Naoyuki Morita

    Naoyuki Morita 森田直行

    Naoyuki Morita (1942–) is the chairman of KCCS Management Consulting (KCMC). He has been a central figure in the formulation and promotion of the Amoeba Management method since joining Kyocera in 1967. From … Details

  • Yoh Morinaga

    Yoh Morinaga モリナガ・ヨウ

    Yoh Morinaga (1966–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Waseda University School of Education. A Manga Study Circle member while a student, as an author he has carved out a niche … Details

  • Tomihiko Morimi

    Tomihiko Morimi 森見登美彦

    Tomihiko Morimi (1979–) was fond of picture books from infancy and began creating his own by the time he was ten, drawing in notebooks or on manuscript paper and adding stories to show … Details