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  • Suw Wakai

    Suw Wakai 若合春侑

    Suw Wakai  (1958–) was born in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the coastal cities devastated by the 2011 tsunami. After graduating from university, she published the controversial novella Nobyoin e mairimasu (To the Asylum). … Details

  • Chisako Wakatake

    Chisako Wakatake 若竹千佐子

    Chisako Wakatake (1954–) was born in the city of Tōno in Iwate Prefecture, and now resides in Chiba Prefecture. She graduated from the Faculty of Education at Iwate University. She began writing as a full-time … Details

  • Ken Wakayama

    Ken Wakayama わかやまけん

    Ken Wakayama (1930–) started out as a graphic designer before taking on children's books. His works have been popular outside Japan as well, with his Koguma-chan ehon (Little Bear Picture Books) series selling … Details

  • Shizuko Wakayama

    Shizuko Wakayama 和歌山静子

    Shizuko Wakayama (1940–) was born in Kyoto. A member of the Japan-China Children's Literature and Art Exchange Center, she is a creator of picture books and kamishibai (paper panel stories), and also works … Details

  • Yōko Wakayama

    Yōko Wakayama 若山曜子

    Yōko Wakayama graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies with a degree in French and moved to France to pursue further studies at the culinary schools Le Cordon Bleu and Ecole Ferrandi. Earning certification as … Details

  • Wasabi-chan

    Wasabi-chan わさびちゃん

    Wasabi-chan is the name of a rescued cat, and the account name of Twitter user … Details

  • Jun'ichi Watanabe

    Jun'ichi Watanabe 渡辺淳一

    Jun'ichi Watanabe  (1933–2014) , born in Hokkaido, became interested in literature in high school. At Sapporo Medical University he began experimenting with writing, composing several pieces for a literary magazine. After graduating he became an … Details

  • Shigeo Watanabe

    Shigeo Watanabe 渡辺茂男

    Shigeo Watanabe (1928–2006) was born in Shizuoka. After graduating from Keiō University he won a Fulbright Scholarship for advanced study at Western Reserve University in Ohio, following which he went to work in … Details

  • Sadao Watanabe

    Sadao Watanabe 渡辺禎雄

    Sadao Watanabe (1913–1996) was born in Tokyo. He was baptized as a Christian in 1930 while still a teen. Because his family was poor, he dropped out of school to work as a … Details

  • Sato Watanabe

    Sato Watanabe 渡部サト

    Sato Watanabe (1971–) was born in Fukushima Prefecture. She studied clothing and accessory design in junior college before going on to a professional training school. She began her working career in an editorial … Details

  • Yuichi Watanabe

    Yuichi Watanabe わたなべゆういち

    Yuichi Watanabe (1943–) was born in Manchuria (northeastern China today). In 1983 he won a graphics prize at the Bologna Children's Book Fair for Nekozakana (The Cat In The Fish). The work subsequently … Details

  • Hiromitsu Watanabe

    Hiromitsu Watanabe (1940–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. He graduated from the Kumamoto University Faculty of Science, and went on to complete doctorates in both science and medicine at Kyushu University. He joined … Details

  • Yoshimi Watanabe

    Yoshimi Watanabe 渡辺義見

    Yoshimi Watanabe (1963–) graduated from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at Nagoya Institute of Technology in 1985. He completed the doctoral program in materials science at the Interdisciplinary … Details

  • Chinatsu Watanabe

    Chinatsu Watanabe わたなべちなつ

    Chinatsu Watanabe is a graphic designer and plastic artist. She was educated at the University of Tsukuba School of Art and Design. After working as a graphic designer for a home-appliance maker, she is currently … Details

  • Toshimi Watanabe

    Toshimi Watanabe 渡辺俊美

    Toshimi Watanabe (1966–) was born in Fukushima Prefecture and works as a musician. In 1990 he and two friends formed the hip-hop band Tokyo No.1 Soul Set, with Watanabe as guitarist, vocalist, and sound … Details

  • Yūko Watanabe

    Yūko Watanabe わたなべゆうこ

    Yūko Watanabe was born in Niigata Prefecture. She received her undergraduate degree in industrial, interior, and craft design from Musashino Art University in 1998, and in 2010 completed a master’s degree at the same institution … Details

  • Yoji Watanabe

    Yoji Watanabe 渡辺洋二

    Yoji Watanabe (1943–) was born in Tokyo. He received Japan Picture Book Awards as an illustrator for Yai Tokage (Yo, Lizard!; story by Yasuko Funazaki) in 1984, and for Ponpon-yama no tsuki (Moon … Details

  • Risa Wataya

    Risa Wataya 綿矢りさ

    Risa Wataya (1984–) was born in Kyoto and graduated from Waseda University. She made her literary debut while still in high school, when her novel Insutoru (Install) won the 2001 Bungei Prize; at … Details

  • Ryō Wada

    Ryō Wada 和田竜

    Ryō Wada (1969–) graduated from college with his sights set on working in film, but resigned after just three years as an assistant director for a television production company. In 2003 he won … Details

  • Kotomi Wada

    Kotomi Wada わだことみ

    Kotomi Wada  (1958–) is a specialist on early-childhood education and an author of picture books. Educated in the School of Engineering at Tōhoku University, she developed an interest in creating picture books through her … Details