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  • I Can’t Talk So Smoothly
    Naoya Shiino

    I Can’t Talk So Smoothly 僕は上手にしゃべれない

    All through elementary school, Yūta Kashiwazaki had been the object of ridicule and unable to make friends because of his stuttering. On his first day of middle school, the teacher asks the students to introduce… … Details

  • She Was Difficult for Me
    Yōko Asahina

    She Was Difficult for Me わたしの苦手なあの子

    Mihiro is in sixth grade and still doesn’t know how to swim. She has a tendency to run away from things she dislikes or finds difficult instead of facing them head-on. The new girl in… … Details

  • Puddle Child
    Makura Abukawa

    Puddle Child パドルの子

    When his only friend Miwa moves away, eighth-grader Kōtarō Mizuno begins spending the noon hour at school by himself on what he calls “the cottage”—the landing of the stairway that leads to the roof. One… … Details

  • I’ll See You at the Temple
    Yukiko Takada

    I’ll See You at the Temple まんぷく寺でまってます

    Even as Japan has become an increasingly secular society, 90 percent of funerals continue to be conducted as Buddhist ceremonies. In this story set at a Buddhist temple deep in the mountainous heart of Sado… … Details

  • Tangram Brainflash: Colors and Shapes

    Tangram Brainflash: Colors and Shapes いろ・かたち ひらめきタングラム

    The tangram, a puzzle that originated in China, is tremendously popular as an educational toy. The objective is to figure out how seven variously shaped pieces cut from a square can be rearranged to match… … Details

  • Kiwa’s Eggs
    Makiko Usami

    Kiwa’s Eggs キワさんのたまご

    Fourth-grader Satoshi is having a hard time staving off boredom during summer vacation. His parents are always tied up with the bento shop they run in the shopping district by the station, and his best… … Details

  • Cute and Easy Pom-Pom Crafts
    Mariko Ishikawa

    Cute and Easy Pom-Pom Crafts かんたんかわいいすぐできる ぽんぽんグッズ

    Some yarn and a stiff piece of cardboard to wind it around are all you need. Simply wind the yarn around and around the cardboard base, tie the center, snip the loops with sharp scissors,… … Details

  • The Ferocious Hungry Bear
    Yasushi Tsukamoto

    The Ferocious Hungry Bear もうじゅうはらへりくま

    Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! One day a ferocious hungry bear comes pounding down out of the mountains toward town. Famished, he is on a hunt for something to eat. When he spots a carpenter bee buzzing… … Details

  • He Made Me Want to Hurry Home
    Yūichi Kimura / Tsūga Takeuchi

    He Made Me Want to Hurry Home あいたくなっちまったよ

    Daddy Wildcat is on his way home to his wife and son, thinking with great satisfaction about how much his son admires him, when he spots a tasty-looking mouse trying to make himself scarce. Licking… … Details

  • The Animal Buses and the Lost Item
    Shiho Kotera

    The Animal Buses and the Lost Item アニマルバスとわすれもの

    The “Funny Animal Bus” characters created and popularized by stationery and fancy goods maker Q-Lia, and subsequently turned into an animation series on Japanese TV, are here adapted to the picture-book form for the first… … Details

  • Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class 2: The Joy of Studying Insects
    Daisaburō Okumoto / Kōhei Yamashita

    Mr. Fabre’s Insect Class 2: The Joy of Studying Insects ファーブル先生の昆虫教室2:昆虫研究の楽しさ

    This is a second volume of translated extracts from French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre’s Souvenirs entomologiques, which were originally published as installments in a series appearing in the Asahi Newspaper Elementary School Edition between October 2015… … Details

  • Spook Train
    Masatoshi Nakao / Dolly

    Spook Train ようかいでんしゃ

    A young boy of elementary-school age is going on his first long train trip by himself, to visit his grandparents who live in a remote mountain village called Ryūjin. He boards the train as the… … Details

  • Doc Rare-Beast’s Clinic Diary: No Effort Spared to Save a Creature’s Life!
    Ken’ichi Tamukai

    Doc Rare-Beast’s Clinic Diary: No Effort Spared to Save a Creature’s Life! 珍獣ドクターのドタバタ診察日記:動物の命に「まった」なし!

    A veterinary doctor who is passionate about his work recounts his successes and failures—and ponders the nature of life and death for all living creatures. In an era when not just dogs and cats but… … Details

  • The First Concert
    Yutaka Sado / Kōshirō Hata

    The First Concert はじめてのオーケストラ

    This title represents the picture-book debut of one of Japan’s best-known orchestra conductors, Yutaka Sado, working in collaboration with the popular picture-book author and illustrator Kōshirō Hata. The book was created in the hope of… … Details

  • Big Beanie Goes Out to Play: A Summer Day in the Meadow
    Miwa Nakaya

    Big Beanie Goes Out to Play: A Summer Day in the Meadow そらまめくんのはらっぱあそび:なつのいちにち

    In this installment of the tremendously popular Big Beanie picture-book series, the eponymous protagonist is wakened by bright sunshine on a beautiful summer day. His friends Peanut, Edamame, the Pod-peas, and the Green Pea siblings… … Details

  • Pop!
    Asako Mori

    Pop! ぱかっ

    This picture book is built around the Japanese mimetic word paka!, which represents something popping open—with or without an actual popping sound. The reader opens the book to see a plain white egg standing upright,… … Details

  • The Artist and the Angel: Twenty Brief Stories for Little Adults
    Kinji Ishikura

    The Artist and the Angel: Twenty Brief Stories for Little Adults 絵描きと天使: 小さなおとなたちへ贈る20編の短い話

    A collection of lyrical short stories by picture-book author Kinji Ishikura. In the title story, a starving artist has been trying to sell his paintings on a street corner in Paris. It is winter and… … Details

  • What’s the Attraction, Insects?
    Tomoko Ohmura (Tomoko Ōmura)

    What’s the Attraction, Insects? むしさん なんの ぎょうれつ?

    This is the fourth in a popular series of picture books that began with Nan no gyōretsu? (tr. The Long, Long Line), in which 50 animals line up from large to small without really knowing… … Details

  • Rag Tag Wrestlers
    Masatoshi Nakao / Masanori Inui

    Rag Tag Wrestlers ぞうきんレスラー

    Cara the Flowery Towel has been touring as a pop idol. But one day a gang of dustballs who love nothing better than to make things dirty crash her performance and throw mud bombs at… … Details

  • Poko the Fish Owl
    Kageki Shimoda / Seigo Kijima

    Poko the Fish Owl シマフクロウのぽこ

    Representing wildlife in this picture book addressing the question of how they and humans can coexist is the eponymous species of bird known in full as “Blakiston’s fish owl.” The central character is an elementary-aged… … Details