Hiro and the Tigerbed

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Hiro and the Tigerbed
Author: Eiko Kadono
Illustrator: Koji Suzuki
Specifications: ISBN  978-4834002027
64 pages
19.0 x 21.0 cm / 7.6 x 8.4 in (WxH)
Category: Children & YA
Ages: 5+
Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc.
Tokyo, 1994
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Hiro's little sister Ai is just one year old. Mommy and Daddy are always picking her up and holding her in their arms, while Hiro has to be satisfied with less attention than she used to get. Jealous and frustrated, she draws a picture of a ferocious tiger at the foot of Ai's bed. That night, with a sudden roar, the bed comes to life as a great big tiger. The tiger notices Ai sleeping on its back and says, "I'll slather her with strawberry jam and gobble her up!" Hiro says, "I'll give you something even more delicious, so please don't eat my sister." But even when she tries to tempt the "tigerbed" with a triple-layer cake with frosting and cherries and even some fried prawns, it still answers no. Then, finally, Hiro remembers a good luck charm her mother taught her to say, and as soon she says it, the tiger lumbers away and disappears, leaving Ai sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Hiro vents her frustration at no longer being able to monopolize her parents' attention by drawing the tiger, only to discover that this solves nothing. But in the process of saving Ai from the tiger she's unleashed, she gains a new appreciation for her baby sister. Through the medium of fantasy, the story depicts the awakening of sibling love as a step in the child's emotional growth. (Sachiyo Hosoe)