A Record of Travel to the Land of Amanon

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A Record of Travel to the Land of Amanon
Author: Yumiko Kurahashi
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Translations: German
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Country Languages Publisher Title ISBN Translator Affiliate Link
Germany German be.bra verlag Die Reise nach Amanon 978-3861249016 Monika Wernitz-Sugimoto & Hiroshi Yamane
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This wildly fantastic novel about sex, religion, and revolution in the ultimate female-dominated society won the Izumi Kyoka Prize in 1987.

From a world overrun by a religious sect known as the Monokami ("One God") Order embarks a band of missionaries seeking to spread the faith in Amanon, a legendary country protected on all sides by a formidable pink barrier reminiscent of embryonic tissue. Of the missionaries, only one man, P, is able to successfully penetrate the boundary of this land. Once inside, P finds himself in an all-female society resistant to even the slightest hint of ideology or abstract thought. Reproduction is carried out solely through artificial insemination; a few genetically favorable males are kept for their sperm, the rest rejected shortly after fertilization. The occasional female child born out of natural intercourse is scorned as the product of a barbaric union; if male, the child is dubbed an ungura ("undergrounder") and shoved away to live out the rest of his life forsaken by society. Males who wish to participate in society have no choice but to become "laotan," or eunuchs. The entire country, meanwhile, is in the hands of women who have grown masculine with age. Determined to remedy the situation, P campaigns to instigate a "male revolution" that will reintroduce the concept of two sexes into this female-dominated world . . .