Tears Like Snow

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Tears Like Snow
Author: Arie Nashiya
Specifications: ISBN  978-4591152386
286 pages
15.0 x 28.6 cm / 6.0 x 11.4 in (WxH)
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, 2016
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From the time she was small, Kimie always seemed prone to strange occurrences. In elementary school, for example, when she borrowed an umbrella from someone and opened it, she floated up off the ground and flew through the air. Or that time right in the middle of a class at school when the room filled with an ocean of water and overflowed through the windows. Or when she was in high school and heard a voice coming from a torso sculpture she had picked up on the street, and made it her constant companion for a time. The list of oddities went on and on. The adults around her dismissed the bizarre incidents and behavior as the product of psychological turmoil resulting from her parents getting divorced and then remarried and giving birth to a younger brother. It was Kimie’s childhood friend Riku who linked her ability to see things no one else could see, as well as to experience seemingly impossible events, to a “paranormal constitution.” Riku was in fact the only person who really understood Kimie. But during their high-school years, Kimie remained oblivious to how dear Riku was to her, and brushed off his feelings for her as a joke.

The two continue to be friends after graduating from school and moving away from home. Only after having her heart broken in love does Kimie realize how dear Riku is to her, but by then he is in a relationship of his own. Kimie eventually meets someone new and weds, but as time goes by she is tormented by unbearable longings. Her “paranormal constitution” remains unchanged, and she is repeatedly visited by anomalies, but no one takes her seriously or understands what she is going through, including her husband. Each time something happens, she sorely misses Riku and the understanding she knows he would have shown.

One day when she is about to explode with rage over her husband’s lack of sympathy, Kimie receives word of Riku’s death. He has been killed in a traffic accident. Brushing aside her husband’s attempts to stop her, she returns to her hometown to attend Riku’s funeral. There she learns that Riku had split up with his girlfriend, and had given the name “Kimie” to a dog he rescued. But it is all too late. Sadly, their love has ended as a missed opportunity.

Master of YA fiction Arie Nashiya traces the growth of her unusual heroine from grade school through young adulthood and marriage. The unique and mysterious difficulties that beset Kimie color an eventful and interesting childhood, which makes the tragic loss of her one true friend at the close all the more heart-rending.