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  • Spirit Odyssey via Brazil
    Kikuko Tsumura

    Spirit Odyssey via Brazil 浮遊霊ブラジル

    The opening work in this collection of seven stories, Kyūsuitō to kame (The Water Tower and the Turtle), was awarded the Kawabata Yasunari Prize for the year’s best short story in 2013. In the title… … Details

  • The Light Shines Only There
    Yasushi Satō

    The Light Shines Only There そこのみにて光輝く

    This is the only full-length novel produced by author Yasushi Satō, who took his own life in 1990 at the age of 41, and whose work began undergoing a broad reevaluation nearly two decades later… … Details

  • And Your Bird Can Sing
    Yasushi Satō

    And Your Bird Can Sing きみの鳥はうたえる

    Shortlisted for the prestigious Akutagawa Prize when it was first published, this work has returned to the limelight nearly 20 years after author Yasushi Satō’s death and is now slated to be made into a… … Details

  • Stars
    Shino Sakuragi

    Stars 星々たち

    From nine tales that portray the varied lives of a swath of people living on the northern island of Hokkaido?a bargirl, a woman who takes in piecework, a strip dancer, a middle-aged civil servant, a… … Details

  • Tokyo Laundering
    Hika Harada Tokyo Laundering 失踪.com 東京ロンダリング

    This is a sequel to Tōkyō rondaringu (Tokyo Laundering), author Hika Harada’s 2011 novel that won acclaim for its compelling treatment of how real-estate agents “launder” properties tainted by unnatural deaths or other stigmatizing incidents.… … Details

  • Tokyo Laundering
    Hika Harada

    Tokyo Laundering 東京ロンダリング

    Protagonist Risako Uchida, 32, rents a room in an aging wood-frame apartment house in Tokyo, and the story begins with someone pounding relentlessly on her door at 1:30 in the middle of the night. It’s… … Details

  • i
    Kanako Nishi

    i i

    The i of the title represents both the imaginary unit in math (i2 = ?1) and the English first-person pronoun I. It is also a homophone for?ai, the Japanese word for “love,” as well as… … Details

  • The Kept Parrot
    Noboru Tsujihara

    The Kept Parrot 籠の鸚鵡

    A top-notch tale of suspense reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, or of Scott Smith’s A Simple Plan. Author Noboru Tsujihara is known for his meticulously detailed descriptions and the incomparable lyricism of his prose. The… … Details

  • The Slow Man: Actor Takuji Kameoka
    Akito Inui

    The Slow Man: Actor Takuji Kameoka のろい男 俳優・亀岡拓次

    This is a second volume of stories featuring Takuji Kameoka, a Japanese actor who, in spite of specializing in minor supporting roles, emerges as an irresistibly lovable, larger-than-life figure. The character first introduced at the… … Details

  • Actor Takuji Kameoka
    Akito Inui

    Actor Takuji Kameoka 俳優・亀岡拓次

    The hero of the seven stories included in this volume is Takuji Kameoka, a 37-year-old actor, who, in spite of the relatively minor supporting roles he plays, emerges as an irresistibly lovable, larger-than-life figure. The… … Details

  • Mama Killed Him
    Areno Inoue

    Mama Killed Him ママがやった

    Why did Momoko, 79, kill her husband Takuto, 72, after a marriage of more than 50 years? Eight linked stories reflect on a half century in the life of their family as readers ponder the… … Details

  • It’s the Uncontrollables That Make Us You and Me
    Ryō Asai

    It’s the Uncontrollables That Make Us You and Me ままならないから私とあなた

    The first of the two novellas in this volume, Rentaru sekai (Rent-a-World), is narrated by 28-year-old office worker Yūta, who attends a colleague’s wedding and falls in love at first sight with one of the… … Details

  • Ten Meters Shy of the Truth
    Honobu Yonezawa

    Ten Meters Shy of the Truth 真実の一〇メートル手前

    A collection of puzzlers featuring journalist Machi Tachiarai, who was first introduced to mystery lovers in the best-selling novel Ō to sākasu (Kings and Circuses). The six stories included in this volume are variously set… … Details

  • There’s No Easy Job in This World
    Kikuko Tsumura

    There’s No Easy Job in This World この世にたやすい仕事はない

    The first-person narrator, a woman in her mid-thirties who quit her previous job after experiencing symptoms of burnout, tries out five unusual workplaces one after the other for one month at a time. Each receives… … Details

  • Guernica Under Cover
    Maha Harada

    Guernica Under Cover 暗幕のゲルニカ

    Bearing a reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s masterwork Guernica on its cover, this novel weaves a tale of suspense around the temporary return of the painting to its longtime home in New York, the Museum of… … Details

  • Means of Effacement: In Search of a Nameless Poet
    Toshiyuki Horie

    The first-person narrator, who appears to be a stand-in for the author himself, is studying abroad in France when he happens upon an old picture postcard written and sent before World War II with what… … Details

  • The Eccentric Family: The Son Returns
    Tomihiko Morimi

    The Eccentric Family: The Son Returns 有頂天家族 二代目の帰朝

    This is the long awaited sequel to the best-selling comic novel?Uchōten kazoku?(The Eccentric Family), set in modern-day Kyoto and centering on the rivalry between two clans of tanuki raccoon dogs, which in Japanese folklore are… … Details

  • Indigo Rain: The Collectors
    Risako Asano

    Indigo Rain: The Collectors 藍の雨 蒐集者たち

    Tōka Hiryū’s father, a collector of and dealer in antiques, was murdered five years ago during business talks at his vacation home in Karuizawa. The beautiful and talented Tōka once traveled the globe as an… … Details

  • Who the Hell Am I?
    Ryō Asai

    This volume offers six prequels and sequels to author Ryō Asai’s 2012 novel Nanimono (Somebody), which won the Naoki Prize, became a bestseller, and was adapted to the big screen. The stories add new depth… … Details

  • Tokyo Year Zero
    Jirō Akagawa

    Tokyo Year Zero 東京零年

    This dystopian, near-future novel, reminiscent in some ways of George Orwell’s?1984, poses numerous questions about the direction in which Japan’s current political regime is taking the country. At the center of the action is Shigeharu… … Details