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  • 50 Basic Pattern-Block Task Cards
    Akihiko Takahashi

    50 Basic Pattern-Block Task Cards パターンブロックタスクカード基本50選

    Pattern blocks are used to teach young children about quantity, shapes, and other math concepts. For this book, author Akihiko Takahashi has selected 50 basic pattern-block task cards that all children can enjoy working with.… … Details

  • Pattern-Block Task Cards that Strengthen Spatial Reasoning

    Pattern-Block Task Cards that Strengthen Spatial Reasoning 構成力をのばすパターンブロックタスクカード

    This book offers over 60 “task cards” with templates for young children aged three and up to fill with pattern blocks in the form of triangles, squares, large and small rhombuses, hexagons, and trapezoids. The… … Details

  • Dictionary of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

    A dictionary that distills the vast world of acupuncture and moxibustion, this massive compilation covers basic terminology, clinical parlance, and the terminology of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as historical events, people, and books associated… … Details

  • Encyclopedia of Religion
    Tetsuo Yamaori

    This encyclopedic reference provides insights into both the past and present of religion. The volume introduces the origins, teachings, leaders, and history of the world's religions, analyzing each faith in detail. It also looks at… … Details

  • Handbook of Modern Buddhism

    Handbook of Modern Buddhism 現代仏教情報事典

    At a time when social turmoil is heightening interest in Buddhism more than ever, this book provides a wealth of handy information for administering temples and presenting Buddhist teachings to the public. The content ranges… … Details

  • A Reference Guide to Manga and Anime Awards

    A Reference Guide to Manga and Anime Awards 漫画・アニメの賞事典

    This reference guide provides information about 94 manga and anime awards given out in Japan (79 awards) and overseas (15 awards). The full spectrum of awards bestowed in such categories as manga, short-subject anime, feature-length… … Details

  • Encyclopedia of Japanese Language Education

    The Association of Japanese Language Education has compiled a comprehensive reference work on teaching Japanese?bringing together both theory and practice, and outlining paths for the future of language pedagogy. The volume is divided into three… … Details

  • The Illustrated Guide to How Things Are Made

    Full-color drawings and photographs accompany clear-cut language to illustrate, step-by-step, how a variety of everyday objects are made. The items range from foods?such as ice cream, chocolate, tofu, ham, and sausage?to household sundries like mirrors,… … Details

  • Playing with Sakura Tissue Paper
    Tomoko Kawanami

    Sakura tissue papers are small sheets made from abaca and other materials. Also known as ohana (flower) paper, they have a soft, light, feathery texture and are used primarily for crafts in Japan's kindergartens and elementary schools, although… … Details

  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of The Tale of the Heike

    This groundbreaking literary reference covers all aspects of Heike monogatari (The Tale of the Heike), the national classic that tells of the epic battle fought between two military clans for control of Japan at the… … Details

  • Dictionary Bookmarking Will Change Your Child before Your Eyes
    Keisuke Fukaya

    Dictionary Bookmarking Will Change Your Child before Your Eyes 辞書引き学習で子どもが見る見る変わる

    The "dictionary bookmarking" method of study is enjoying a tremendous boom among elementary-school-aged children in Japan. The method?a breakthrough technique developed by Keisuke Fukaya, the author of this book?involves keeping a dictionary at the ready… … Details

  • Biographical Dictionary of Leaders of Modern Japan, 2nd ed.

    Biographical Dictionary of Leaders of Modern Japan, 2nd ed. 日本近現代人物履歴事典 第2版

    This work compiles brief resumes of individuals who have played a prominent role in modern and contemporary Japanese society. A full spectrum of important public figures is presented, including those active in politics, diplomacy, journalism,… … Details

  • Practical Exercises for Teachers
    Hideo Aoki

    Classrooms today face a diverse range of often interconnected difficulties. As aspiring teachers prepare for their careers, they will naturally ask themselves whether their study program and their student teaching experiences have sufficiently prepared them… … Details

  • Origami: A Handbook for Children and Parents

    Origami: A Handbook for Children and Parents 子どもと保育者のためのおりがみアイディア

    This book on the many delights of origami begins with "A Child's First Paper Play," a presentation of ideas and tips that smooth the way for small hands to acquire the basic skills needed to… … Details

  • Childcare and Education to Meet Every Person's Needs

    Childcare and Education to Meet Every Person's Needs 一人ひとりのニーズに応える保育と教育

    This book covers the basic information needed for those involved in providing medicine, psychological services, childcare, and education to children with special needs. It describes children with visual, hearing, or motor impairment; those with intellectual… … Details