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  • Wave Publishers Co., Ltd. WAVE出版

    Address:3F JPR-Ichigaya Building, 4-7-15 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074

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    WAVE Publishers was founded 26 years ago as a one-man operation by the company’s current president under the credo, “A single book can change a life.” It has since grown into a unique publishing house that handles a wide spectrum of titles spanning literature, the humanities, the social sciences, business, practical guides, and juvenile titles.

    The company strives always to place itself at the eye level of the average citizen, and to publish books that offer a broad range of “life support” for enriching readers’ lives. Its motto is “Good things, together, enjoyably”?i.e., doing things that are good for the individual or society; working together with authors, readers, distributors, retailers, editorial team members, printers, advertisers, and anybody else who is connected with creating, publicizing, and circulating books; and making those books available to the world for all to enjoy.

    Hit titles with sales exceeding 100,000 copies have been an annual occurrence for WAVE Publishers, and in recent years the company has garnered attention for mega-hits like Yukari Ishii’s “twelve signs of the zodiac” series, which has sold 1.2 million copies, and Tsuneo Sasaki’s Hataraku kimi ni okuru 25 no kotoba (Words of Advice for Young Business People), which has sold 360,000 copies.

    The company continues to cultivate new authors and topic areas in order to expand its selection of easy-to-understand, useful, and uplifting books that can speak to readers all around the world.