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  • Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. 有斐閣

    Address:2-17 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051

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    Founded in 1877, Yuhikaku Publishing Co. counts itself among the oldest publishers in Japan. From the beginning the company was a publisher of academic books, with an emphasis on law titles. In the years since, it has continued to regard specialists in the social sciences and humanities as its primary readership, with works on law, economics, and sociology as its mainstays. In this era of digitization, the company also actively engages with new technologies to provide on-demand printing of titles that are otherwise difficult to keep in print, and to offer electronic editions of periodicals and such works as Roppo zensho (A Compendium of Laws) on DVD or via other digital media.

    With the publication of books that contribute to the creation of new knowledge as its declared mission, Yuhikaku strives always to maintain an accurate measure of trends at the highest levels of both scholarship and practice. The company draws on its long history as well as a spirit of innovation as it responds to the needs of the times with publications spanning the social sciences and humanities.